Our Story

Mother to Mother Nutrients was created to keep a woman healthy now and for years after she has her children.* It was through the personal struggles of two moms and their frustration to find one supplement that provided all of the key nutrients a mother’s body needs after giving birth. The journey of Mother to Mother Nutrients began when co-founder Kristin Malley mother of two struggled with infertility and co-founder Jessi Dean mother of two, battled postpartum depression following the birth of her first child.

From The Founders

As women and mothers we each have had different experiences in our lives. Often times it’s the most painful and devastating of these experiences that force us to take stock and reconsider the direction of our lives. It is at this crossroads in life where we really began to understand what we need and where we want to go in terms of our health. With this clarity we searched and could not find a product that fulfilled our needs. So, instead of accepting what others had produced, we chose our own path and created something new… something that fulfills our needs and will fulfill the needs of other mothers and women worldwide. Accepting the status quo wasn’t enough for us. Our journey to create a truly beneficial supplement for mothers and women was ignited by our own personal struggles.

Because We Care

In support of our company’s mission, Mother to Mother Nutrients will give back a portion of the proceeds generated from the sale of our postnatal supplement. We are committed to giving back to organizations that keep women informed and aware of the signs our bodies give us. At times our bodies are speaking to us, whether it is simply being tired, feeling bloated, or subtle changes in appetite. These signs can often be symptoms that may go unnoticed because of their simplistic nature. As women and mothers, we realize it is easy to become focused on your new baby’s health and ignore the signs your own body is giving you. However, we want women to remember that their health is just as important! By giving back to organizations like the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, we feel that we can make a difference in women’s lives.

Our Priority Women, Mothers, and Children

Please read our personal stories and our journey…

Co-founder: Kristin Malley (my story and how the product was developed through my struggles)

Co-founder: Jessi Dean (my story and why we feel giving back is so important)

Jessi Dean
Jessi DeanCo-Founder
Through my story, it is my hope that I can make women more aware of the signs our bodies give us.
Kristin Moorehead-Malley
Kristin Moorehead-MalleyCo-Founder
Through my story, it is my hope that I can make women more aware of how our health can affect everything.
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Designed to restore and replenish within, our postnatal supplement was designed with a mother's needs in mind.*

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