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Omega-3+ Prenatal & Postnatal Supplement

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Labor takes a lot out of you, let Mother to Mother Nutrients’ Postnatal Supplement help you recover.

We have developed a formula for new moms with the highest quality of Omega-3’s on the market. On top of that we combined our Omega-3’s with high levels of Iron, Calcium, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, and Lutein. Our supplement supports mom and baby in the most important months of development. Mother to Mother Nutrients’ Prenatal and Postnatal Supplement is a natural Omega-3 based supplement with no Soy, Yellow #5, or Titanium Dioxide.

We specifically formulated our supplement to support EXPECTING AND new moms. OUR ingredients support increased breastmilk production, increased energy, stronger hair and nails for new moms, improved eye development for newborns, and improved heart and brain health for moms and newborn babies. For less than a dollar a day we want you to feel your best and achieve your full potential as a new mom!

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Mother to Mother Nutrients is committed to ensuring our supplements have the safest and most effective ingredients available on the market.

Mother to Mother Nutrients Postnatal Supplement was created and specially formulated with the Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and DPA. These nutrients help to support and enhance the nutrition of nursing mothers and ensures these nutrients are passed along to their babies.*