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Our Commitment

Our customers, our partners, sustainability, and social responsibility. Mother to Mother Nutrients is committed to helping women and mothers everywhere, while maintaining a focus on sustainability and social responsibility. Our postnatal supplement is designed with  key nutrients such as DPA, DHA, and EPA, to enrich the health of women and their babies!

Our Hope

We truly care about helping women remain attentive to their bodies and nutritional needs by providing them with well-formulated supplements and information. We are passionate about what we do! Our children, our families, and woman worldwide inspire us to do what we do!

Our Journey

Through our journey we focused on creating a product to help mothers create their own healthy way of living. As women and mothers we know how important it was to create a postnatal supplement uniquely designed with key nutrients such as DPA, DHA, and EPA which helps a woman’s body restore and replenish what was depleted during pregnancy. Our Product will provide all the key nutrients a woman’s body needs, for her health and her babies health.*

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Mother to Mother Nutrients

We Are Committed to the Health of Women, Mothers, and their Children

As women, mothers, and the founders of Mother to Mother Nutrients… we have dedicated our lives to this company. We are committed to ensuring our supplements have the safest and most effective ingredients available on the market. The complete postnatal supplement.

Mother to Mother Nutrients, was created through the personal struggles of two moms and their frustration to find one supplement that provided all of the key nutrients a mother’s body needs after giving birth. The journey of Mother to Mother Nutrients began when co-founder Kristin Malley mother of two struggled with infertility and co-founder Jessi Dean mother of two, watched her own mother battle ovarian cancer.

From The Founders… as women and mothers we each have had different experiences in our lives. Often times it’s the most painful and devastating of these experiences that force us to take stock and reconsider the direction of our lives. It is at this crossroads in life where we really began to understand what we need and where we want to go in terms of our health.

Our mission is our roadmap; it declares our purpose for which we weigh all of our actions and decisions.

  • To create happy and healthy mothers so that they can meet the needs of their growing family, by us providing the highest quality products and valuable information.
  • To create value in women’s lives and make a difference in the world.
  • To inspire happiness and instill in each woman we touch how to live a healthy life.


Mother to Mother Nutrients is committed to providing the highest quality products on the market. We are committed to being the leader in the women’s supplement market by listening, understanding, and satisfying the product needs of women and mothers worldwide.


  • We are passionate about what we do.
  • We are committed to our customers and the women we serve.
  • We are committed to quality and sustainability.
  • We are innovative, resourceful, and responsible.
  • Our children, our families, and women worldwide inspire us.
  • We are committed to improving the quality of women’s health and happiness.

Our hope is that we can help women and mothers lead happy healthy lives by providing.

  • A wealth of information on topics related to women by women and for women.
  • By giving back to organizations that help to further research in topics related to women’s health issues.

Our Focus

  • Being committed to giving back now and always.

  • To be the place where women and mothers can get valuable information about topics related to a woman’s health, mothers health, and her baby’s health.

  • To listen and remain open in order to expand our line of products available to all women.

  • Sustainable sourcing.

  • We will help women remain attentive to their bodies and nutritional needs by providing them with well-formulated supplements, information, and will answer all questions directly through our ask directly or get expert advice pages.

Co-Founders Jessi Dean and Kristin Malley



All I hear about is how great Omega-3’s, Lutein, Calcium, etc… are for me. It’s a full time job to keep my cabinet filled with all of these. I am so happy with this product because it offers everything all my doctors, friends, and nosy neighbors tell me I’m supposed to be taking as a new mommy. In addition, it is easy to take and two pills a day is manageable with a 3 year old and a newborn. I gave it 4 stars because unless it can put my baby down for a nap there is always room for improvement.
Bonnie Carrigan
I am very critical about supplements I take and what I put in my body. I eat paleo and am an avid crossfitter. I also have a two year old that I just finished nursing and I plan to have another baby. After just a month of taking this postnatal vitamin, I can tell you it will be a part of my regular routine and certainly a part of my pre and postnatal regiment. The product is really clean, no strange additions you find in other vitamins. I didn’t notice any flavors, which when you are talking about fish oil, is a very good thing! I feel my recovery day to day running and lifting weights is better, my nails, which always break, grew seriously fast and strong, it kind of freaked me out. I think Mother to Mother postnatal supplements are a game changer. You can tell the people who came up with it understand what women need, specifically busy moms! Great product that I cannot recommend enough.
Amanda Allen
I can’t say enough good things about this product. Finally an answer to all my needs in one pill. It is so important for new mothers to continue taking care of their bodies after the baby is born, and this product will help you do just that. I am recommending it to all my new mom friends.
Lisa Rodgers
I’ve been taking various forms of fish oils for years and when a friend told me about the Mother to Mother product I thought why not give it a try. As soon as I recieved my bottle I was impressed with the other ingredients the ladies at Mother to Mother thought to include. Not only is this a great source of Omega 3’s, but it has allowed me to stop taking other vitamins. Now I just take Mother to Mother Nutrients’ Postnatal. The pills are easy to swallow and digest. I’m almost through my bottle and my only regret is not taking advantage of their offer to by 2 bottles at a reduced price. I was in the process of placing my second order when I thought to post this review.
This is a great product and thanks to Kristin and Jessi for coming up with it.
Sara Peterson
It has been a month since I started taking this supplement. I can’t say how nice it is to have one product that offers all the nutrients I need as an active mom. I have been taking Omega-3’s for years and had to supplement the lack of additional nutrients with so many other products. The quality of the ingredients along with the size of the pills makes this product a no brainer. Next month’s supply, coming soon!
Allison Michaels

The Formula, The Difference, The Value

We designed our postnatal vitamin with a Mother’s needs in mind! With nutrients such as DHA, DPA, and EPA our product replenishes the much needed nutrients a woman’s body!

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Designed to restore and replenish within, our postnatal supplement was designed with a mother's needs in mind.*

Mother to Mother Nutrients Postnatal Supplement

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